Planning & budgeting

Make proactive compensation decisions to retain your employees

Run configurable and spreadsheet-free compensation cycles. Drive equitable outcomes with all the relevant information at your fingertips.

No more endless spreadsheets

Cut the hassle of managing multiple spreadsheets. We bridge the gap in education and experience, ensuring newcomers stand as confidently as those with a decade of expertise.

Real-time plan tracking & progress

Keep track of your accepted candidates, employees, anniversaries, adjustments and future growth all in one place. Don't leave the decisions to guesswork.

Drive team visibility into your plans

Allow your finance, executives, HR, and talent teams to have a front row seat to how decisions are made. Allow for quick discovery of new rules within your compensation philosophy.

Planning built for all scenarios

Arm yourself with all the necessary data to drive equitable outcomes.

Real-time employee data
Custom tags
Automated reminders
Automated rules
Shareable dashboards
Scenario planning
Team sharing
In-app reminders

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